Mining Mangocoin (MNG)

Mangocoin specs:

Name - Mangocoin
Symbol - MNG
Max supply - 20 billion MNG coins
Algorithm - Cryptonote
Version - Cryptonight Turtle V2
ASIC resistant

Mining pool

Block explorer



In order to start mining MNG coins you need to have few things ready and installed.
1. A computer or a mining rig (miner)
2. Download and install mining software and digital wallet for your Mangocoins, this is where all the mined MNG coins will be sent.

3. After wallet is created, keep login credentials safe and use your wallet address to start mining locally on your computer or you can use third party mining software like JCE Miner (for low end CPU's), XMR-STAK, etc.
You can also use web browser mining, however we will guide you with this in our next post.

To start mining now, go to downloads page, download software, install and start mining!

It's that simple! :)

If you run into problems during installation or running the programs, ask us, we will guide you.
Good luck!

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